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Thirsty Beagle Marketing Services

Inbound Marketing.  Content Strategy. Campaign Design.  AdWords and Social Marketing.  Let us help you out.
  1. The Starter
    We review your current site, keywords, landing pages, emails and proposed updates, improvements. At the end, you'll have a content campaign of 3 blog posts, one new asset, lead generating landing page and automated followup email. $2500 one time fee.
  2. The Monthly Content Hit
    We'll write and stage 4 blog posts, one new asset (Whitepaper etc.) one landing page, thank you page and 2 emails. Keep your organic traffic growing. $3K/mo.
  3. The MC Hit Plus
    All of the before mentioned items, plus 2 videos of your team/partners suitable for YouTube, FaceBook and Instagram. Over half of web content consumed is video... don't be missing the party. $6K/mo
  4. AdWords Are Us
    Adwords can help you build awareness, grow the number of people actively considering your solution, and build campaigns that only pay when you get the result you crave. You should try this. $1K/mo for 4 campaigns/8 adgroups.
  5. Social Media Monthly Hit
    Your customers spend between 1-5 hours a day in their social media accounts. Its like their digital coffee house. If you're not actively engaging with them there, your competitor probably is. $1K/mo- one channel 4 pieces optimized.
  6. Social Media MH Plus
    All of the items previously but you can run up to 3 channels (YouTube/FB/LinkedIn) and up to 8 campaigns. $1K/month per channel or all 3 for $2K.
  7. Run Your Inbound
    We'll get you setup on Hubspot where you'll able to see your daily analytics all in one place. Bonus! All creative is created in a place where you can keep close eyes on it. $2000/mo. (Hubspot license separate.)
  8. Nurture Program
    You want to learn about and engage with the customers in your database. We'll provide project plan, content and run your nurture campaign. Starting at $2500/mo.
  9. ABM for Everyone
    If you sell into big business, ABM is a strategy you should know about. We do, and we can get you going. Starting at $2500/mo.